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12 Zorra Now | Spring 2023 TOWNSHIP DEPARTMENT INFORMATION Software Enhancements are Coming! The Township of Zorra's Finance Department is working towards software enhancements that will improve efficiencies. With these changes, it will be even more important that your online banking payee information is correct. Please ensure that your account number listed for on-line banking is your roll number and that you have a separate payee set up for each property tax account (for each tax notice that you receive). For example, if your roll number is 3227-012-010-022220000, for on-line banking purposes you would enter this number as 01201002222 (no dashes or spaces). If an error occurs, try entering the four zeros at the end and this should resolve the issue. You can check to make sure your account number is entered correctly in your on-line banking by going to your list of payees and selecting Zorra Township Taxes. You should be able to edit the payee and this is where you can confirm that the roll number has been entered correctly. We appreciate everyone's cooperation! Lynda Thornton, Tax Collector/Deputy Treasurer 519-485-2490 Ext. 7222 lthornton@zorra.ca Tax Department Pre-authorized Payment Plan for your taxes The Township of Zorra offers 10 or 12 month or by installment due date Pre-Authorized Payment Plans. If you are interested in enrolment, you can find the authorization form on our website at www.zorra.ca or you may call Lynda at 519-4852490 ext. 7222. A VOID cheque will also be required. You may enroll in any of our plans throughout the year provided that your account is in good standing. We require 30 days notice for any new enrollments or changes existing banking account information. If you are currently enrolled in one of our pre-authorized payment plans, you DO NOT need to re-apply each year. On-Line or Telephone banking Online or telephone banking is available. All banks accept Zorra as a client and the account number required is your ROLL NUMBER from your tax bill, starting after 3227. For example, 012-010-13100-0000, you would enter this as 01201013100, if an error occurs, please add the extra four zeros at the end and try again. 2023 Property Assessment Property Taxes for the 2023 taxation year will continue to be based on the January 1, 2016 valuation date. Property assessments will remain the same as they were for the 2022 tax year, unless there has been changes to your property. 2023 Budget Facts Council approved the 2023 Budget at the January 18th meeting and reports are available on our website for your information. We now wait for the County to finalize the tax ratios before we can finalize the Township’s tax rates for 2023. Some key points include: • Capital Budget will need $3,005,180 collected from taxes to fund all projects scheduled for 2023 • The Operating Budget requires $7,346,437 from taxes to fund the operation of the Township • Total taxes for the year to be collected is $10,351,167 • This is an 8.15% increase over 2022 • The Township saw 1.35% increase in growth • If the tax ratios remain the same as 2022 (the tax policies that set the tax ratios are conducted at the upper tier level by Oxford County), an approximate increase of 6.72% for the tax rate, just under the 6.9% rate for cost of living at the time the 2023 Budget was produced. • Including the 2023 tax rate increase, this is an average of 2.46% of the tax rate over the past 6 years for Zorra residents.