Zorra Now - Community Events & Services Magazine -Spring 2023

24 Zorra Now | Spring 2023 TOWNSHIP DEPARTMENT INFORMATION Local Government Week was held on October 16-22 in 2022. Township staff contacted the Zorra schools for their participation in Local Government Week and offered the schools options on how they wanted to participate this year. Thamesford Public School grade 4/5 and grade 5 classes decided to host a question-and-answer session with Mayor Ryan, Councillor Grigg, Matthew Brown, Director of Recreation and Facilities, Deanna Kirwin, Fire Chief, and Steve Oliver, Director of Public Works. Zorra Highland Park Public school hosted Mayor Ryan for a question-and-answer session as well. Both Township staff and councillors that attended were impressed with the insightful questions that the classes came up with. It was clear that the students put a lot of hard work and effort into preparing for the Local Government Week Q&A sessions. While some refer to municipal government as the third order of government, anyone that has ever served on a council or worked at a municipality will say it’s the first order of government – it is the order of government closest to the people. Local Government Week was developed to celebrate the key role that Ontario local governments play in helping to define the character, priorities, and physical make-up of communities. The week is meant to educate students on the importance and operation of municipal government, engage youth, and create an interest in community leadership, while putting a face to local government staff and elected officials. LOCALGOVERNMENTWEEK October 16th - 22nd, 2022 On behalf of Zorra Township Council and staff, we would like to thank all the students and teachers for participating in the 2022 Local Government Week activities. Thank you for doing your part!