• 1 A County that works together
    1. Strengthen, diversify and broaden the economic/prosperity base
    2. Enhance community wellbeing
  • 2 A County that is well connected
    1. Improve travel options beyond the personal vehicle
    2. Advocate for federal and provincial support for freight and passenger rail enhancements for Southwestern Ontario
    3. Strengthen community access and internet/broadband connectivity
  • 3 A County that thinks ahead and wisely shapes the future
    1. Influence federal and provincial policy with implications for the County
    2. Implement development policies, land uses and community planning guidelines
    3. Demonstrated a commitment to community wellbeing and sustainability
  • 4 A County that informs and engages
    1. Harness the power of the community through conversation and dialogue
    2. Inform the public about County programs, services and activities through planned communication
  • 5 A County that performs and delivers results
    1. Enhance our our service focus and responsiveness to our municipal partners and the public
    2. Deliver exceptional services
  • 6 A County that employs people who make a positive difference
    1. Attract, retain and develop the highest quality staff through

2020-2022 Strategic Plan

Vibrant Communities

Vision Vibrant communities, working well and growing stronger together!

Mission To serve the needs and advance the collective interests of our communities, residents and businesses through services that improve community wellbeing.


  • + Excellence
    Demonstrated organizational and individual leadership; responsive, cooperative, professional service
  • + Accountability
    Willing acceptance of responsibility, demonstrated commitment to issues resolution, the courage to persevere, and the confidence to embrace change
  • + Innovation
    Solutions oriented, forward thinking and committed to continuous improvement
  • + Integrity
    Beyond reproach and operating to the highest ethical standard - open, honest and fair
  • + Teamwork
    Respectful relationships characterized by valuing diversity and the views and contributions of others - a demonstrated commitment to coordination, open communication and knowledge transfer