Water and Wastewater Master plan

WATER AND WASTEWATER MASTER PLAN (W/WW MP) Oxford County communities are growing and so is our water and wastewater infrastructure! • Supplying safe drinking water and effectively treating wastewater directly impacts the health of our community and the environment. • The W/WW MP will outline long-term water and wastewater servicing strategies to support existing needs and accommodate future growth in population and employment through to the year 2046. • Ensuring that the infrastructure improvements we make today will support the long-term growth and goals.

WATER AND WASTEWATER MASTER PLAN (W/WW MP) The plan will consist of: • a comprehensive background review of water and wastewater services  including water distribution, wastewater collection, treatment facilities, storage towers and more! • analysis of the County's current water and wastewater needs  projected changes to population, development, social and economic conditions, economy, facilities, and land use and planning initiatives • a summary of public feedback • a list of recommendations, proposals and capital projects to guide the County’s future water and wastewater services

WATER SERVICES Source water protection is the first step to protect drinking water. One of 60+ wells used to supply drinking water to Oxford County residents and businesses. The John Pound Bulk Water Station is 1 of 5 bulk water stations in Oxford County.

WATER TREATMENT Dereham Centre water filtration system Pitcher Street filtration system UV disinfection Chlorination is used to disinfect water

WATER STORAGE FACILITIES Inside of the Woodstock East Water Tower Water Standpipe in Princeton (DrumboPrinceton DWS) Otterville Water Tower (Oxford South DWS) Did you know that we store treated water in large reservoirs underground? This field is just one of the water storage reservoirs in Woodstock!

WASTEWATER TREATMENT Woodstock, Ingersoll, Tillsonburg and Thamesford are the County’s four largest mechanical plants. Wastewater moves through various stages to achieve treatment and resource recovery. Treated effluent is returned to the natural environment (Woodstock WWTP).

WASTEWATER TREATMENT Tavistock, Norwich and Plattsville are lagoon based wastewater treatment systems. UV light used for disinfection of wastewater. Before and after of treated wastewater ready to be returned to the natural environment.

WASTEWATER SERVICES 30+ sewage pumping stations help move wastewater to the treatment plants. KMs of pipes transport wastewater to our 9 WWTPs. Biosolids are recovered organic material which can be applied on agricultural land.

HAVE YOUR SAY! We want to hear from you! • Visit Speak Up, Oxford! to ask a question, fill out the feedback form, or learn about our water and wastewater systems • Join the online Public Consultation Centre being held on Thursday, September 29 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM • Add your name to the email list for future updates Visit www.oxfordcounty.ca/wwwmpfor more info or scan the QR code (image) at left. oxfordcounty.ca/wwwmp