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Zorra Now | Spring 2023 19 TOWNSHIP DEPARTMENT INFORMATION Additional Residential Units in Zorra Township The Township of Zorra is in the process of updating its Zoning By-law to allow for Additional Residential Units (ARUs) in settlements and on rural residential and agricultural lots, where appropriate. County Council approved Official Plan Amendment (OPA 285) on February 8, 2023 which directs Townships to identify zones where ARUs are to be permitted and establish standards and requirements for these units. Background information regarding OPA 285 is available on Speak Up, Oxford! What are ARUs? Additional Residential Units (ARUs) are separate, self-contained dwelling units (i.e., own kitchen, bathroom and sleeping areas) that are inside, attached to, or ancillary to (located on the same lot as) a single detached, semi-detached or street townhouse dwelling. ARUs can take many forms, such as basement apartments, attached suites, tiny homes and coach houses, but they must be smaller than the principal dwelling or residence. Zoning By-law Amendment The Township of Zorra will hold a Public Meeting under the Planning Act regarding the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment (File Number ZN5-23-04) prior to Township Council making a decision. The Public Meeting date is scheduled for May 3, 2023 at 10 am. Please check the Township Council Agenda and the current application notices page on the County website to confirm the date, time and location of the meeting and read the Planning Report, including draft zoning provisions. If you have any comments or questions, please contact Meghan House, Development Planner at the County of Oxford at (519) 539-9800, ext 3219, or by email at mhouse@oxfordcounty.ca it's a CONG R A T U L A T I ON S t o J e n n a a n d S c o t t G a l l ma n o n t h e s a f e a r r i v a l o f J A NU A R Y 1 1 , 2 0 2 3 A J e n n a w i l l b e r e t u r n i n g t o o u r F i n a n c e D e p a r t me n t n e x t y e a r a f t e r e n j o y i n g h e r ma t e r n i t y l e a v e . Kane William MARCH 4, 2023 Walker Wesley IT'S A BOY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to Cody and Carley Brown on the safe arrival of Cody and Carley will be enjoying some time with their new baby boy before returning to their duties at Zorra Fire & Emergency Services Embro Station and Zorra Public Works. Zorra Staff welcome new additions!