Zorra Now - Community Events & Services Magazine -Spring 2023

20 Zorra Now | Spring 2023 TOWNSHIP DEPARTMENT INFORMATION Township Contacts Employees Building/Drainage Department Chief Building Official/ Drainage Superintendent - Mike Hughes Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7224 Email: mhughes@zorra.ca Deputy Chief Building Official/ Building Inspector - Mathew Paul Phone: 519-485-2490 ext 7230 Email: mpaul@zorra.ca Building Services Coordinator Nicole van Breda Phone: 519-485-2490 ext 7231 Email: nvanbreda@zorra.ca Corporate Services Chief Administrative Officer - Don MacLeod Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7226 Email: dmacleod@zorra.ca Director of Corporate Services/Clerk Karen Martin Phone: 519-485-2490 ext. 7228 Email: kmartin@zorra.ca Planner - Spencer McDonald Phone: 519-539-0015 ext. 3205 Email: jsmcdonald@oxfordcounty.ca By-law Enforcement Officer - Dave Robertson Phone: 226-374-6795 Email: drobertson@zorra.ca Records Management Coordinator/ Executive Assistant - Lisa Teeple Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7229 Email: lteeple@zorra.ca Legislative Coordinator/Deputy Clerk Maggie McLaughlin Email: mmclaughlin@zorra.ca Phone: 519-485-2490 ext. 7250 Finance Department Director of Finance - Diane Larder Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7225 Email: dlarder@zorra.ca Tax Collector/Deputy Treasurer - Lynda Thornton Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7222 Email: lthornton@zorra.ca Financial Services Clerk - Pauline Todd Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7237 Email: ptodd@zorra.ca Public Works Department Director of Public Works - Steve Oliver Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7227 Email: soliver@zorra.ca Foreman – Embro Works Yard - Scott Simmons Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7265 Email: ssimmons@zorra.ca Foreman – Kintore Works Yard - Derek Collins Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7260 Email: dcollins@zorra.ca Protective Services Fire Chief/CEMC - Deanna Kirwin Phone: 519-485-2490 ext. 7240 Email: dkirwin@zorra.ca Embro District Chief - Matthew Cockle Email: embrofire@zorra.ca Thamesford District Chief - Andy Martin Email: thamesfordfire@zorra.ca Uniondale Deputy District Chief – Scott Matheson Email: uniondalefire@zorra.ca Recreation Department Director of Recreation and Facilities Matt Brown Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7243 Email: mbrown@zorra.ca Recreation and Facilities Supervisor Jason McEachnie Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7244 Email: jmceachnie@zorra.ca Recreation and Facilities Program Coordinator Stephanie Starchuck Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7242 Email: sstarchuck@zorra.ca Facility Booking Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7223 Email: booking@zorra.ca Recreation Facilities Thamesford District Recreation Centre Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7245 Email: tdrc@zorra.ca Embro Zorra Community Centre Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7251 Thamesford Area Swimming Pool Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 7285 Upcoming Council Meetings Council meetings are held the first WEDNESDAY of the month at 9:30 a.m. and the third WEDNESDAY of the month at 6:00 p.m. (* only one meeting these months) May 3 at 9:30am May 17 at 6:00pm June 7 at 9:30am June 21 at 6:00pm July 5 at 9:30am* August 2 at 9:30am* Keep up to date on news and events in Zorra Township www.zorra.ca Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Township of Zorra @ZorraTwp Find us on Instagram! ZorraTwp Council Mayor Marcus Ryan Email: mryan@zorra.ca Cell: 519-301-1634 Ward 1 Councillor Kevin Stewart Email: kstewart@zorra.ca Tel: 519-808-7839 Ward 2 Councillor/ Deputy Mayor Katie Grigg Email: kgrigg@zorra.ca Tel: 226-268-4495 Ward 3 Councillor Paul Mitchell Email: pmitchell@zorra.ca Tel: 519-349-2271 Ward 4 Councillor Crystal Finch Email: cfinch@zorra.ca Tel: 519-532-9037