Zorra Now - Community Events & Services Magazine -Spring 2023

Zorra Now | Spring 2023 5 TOWNSHIP DEPARTMENT INFORMATION Building &Drainage Department Any building or drainage questions should be addressed to Mike Hughes Chief Building Official/Drainage Superintendent 519-485-2490 ext. 7224 mhughes@zorra.ca Building Department Applying for a Building Permit To complete a building permit application, please register an account at www.cloudpermit.com. You will complete the application online and be required to upload a site plan, drawings, and designer information to the application. For more information on how to submit an application or if you are unsure if your project requires a building permit, please visit the Building Department webpage or contact us at ext. 7231. Failure to obtain a Building Permit may result in a penalty of double the permit fee, as per the Township of Zorra’s Building By-Law No. 18-19. Building a Deck? We have added a step-bystep Residential Deck Design Guide (including diagrams and calculations) to help homeowners develop a set of deck plans that will streamline the building plans review process. You can check out the Residential Deck Design Guide posted online in the Building Department section at www.zorra.ca To complete a permit application for a deck, head over to www.cloudpermit.com. Sanitary Sewage System The Township Building Department oversees the private sanitary sewage system (septic systems) approvals for Zorra. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these approvals, please contact the Building Department. Drainage Department Construction Drains • Construction on drains are initiated by a petition that is filed by the landowner, county or even the Public Works Department of a municipality. • Council will either accept or reject the petition. • If Council accepts the petition, Council will then appoint an Engineer to carry out a study and report. • Drainage meetings will be arranged and notifications will be mailed to the landowners within the watershed. • It is very important that any notifications that a landowner receives from the Township be fully understood by the landowner. • It is essential for all landowners to understand all the deadlines, appeal dates and the financial implications of the drainage work. Highland Park Mobile Homes Travel Trailers Park Models Sun Rooms R.R. #3 Embro, Ontario NOJ 1J0 P: (519) 475-4471 F: (519) 475-4155 www.happyhills.com Elaine & John Baker