Zorra Now - Community Events & Services Magazine -Spring 2023

6 Zorra Now | Spring 2023 TOWNSHIP DEPARTMENT INFORMATION Fire &Emergency Services Department Please contact the Township’s Fire Chief/CEMC, Deanna Kirwin at 519-485-2490 ext. 7240 or at dkirwin@zorra.ca if you have any questions. Township of Zorra Fire Chief Deanna Kirwin 519-485 2490 ext. 7240 Zorra Fire & Emergency Services Ask people you trust if they are willing to help you in case of an emergency. Identify contacts for important locations such as home, work or school. Neighbours are often the closest and most available contacts in an emergency. Tell these support people where your emergency kit is stored. Give one member a key to your home. Include a support network contact who is far enough away that they are unlikely to be affected by the same emergency. Work with your support network to develop a plan that meets your needs. Practice your emergency plan with your network. If applicable, show them how your special needs equipment works. Emergency preparedness is a shared responsibility. All Canadians are encouraged to be prepared to cope for at least the first 72 hours of an emergency, while emergency workers focus on those in urgent need. Personal Support Network In addition to this, consider creating a personal support network. A personal support network is a group of at least three people you know and trust and who would help you during an emergency. How do you create a support network? Get Prepared #ReadyForAnything Emergency Preparedness Guide Is there someone in the community that could use assistance in getting prepared for an emergency? Do they have special needs for their mobility, hearing or vision? Perhaps they have a non-visible exceptionality such as specific medications or a severe allergy. In event of an emergency - offer your support. Check in and be part of their support network to ensure that the residents of Zorra Township are #PreparedForAnything #DoingYourPart